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How to define and adapt your service proposition

Aiming for a high-value proposition that requires significant time and effort to implement ensures that happy customers remain with your business for the long haul, rather than moving on because they have exhausted what you have to offer. Here’s what you can do.

4 top tips from the Growth Experts 

  1. In today’s market it is more crucial than ever to address the challenges your clients are facing. Tweak your proposition so that you really address the pain your clients are facing now. – Christine Parry 

  2. Markets don’t stand still for long and new technology enablers spring up all the time. Make sure you continue to scan the horizon for more efficient and effective ways to deliver on your client work. – Marc Jantzen 

  3. Hold your nerve and confidently delineate where your expertise falls and, commensurately, describe to prospects what lies outside this boundary. Such an approach will win you far more work (as well as professional respect) and start laying the foundation for onward growth. – Dom Moorhouse 

  4. Once you have your value proposition, define a plan to enhance your level of differentiation over time by adding hard-to-replicate features building your ‘right to win’ in your chosen markets. – Marc Jantzen 

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