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How to develop your sales proposition,
process and capability

Recently our founder, Marc Jantzen, joined Alan Morton, MD of SBR Consulting, to talk, amongst other things, about how to develop your sales proposition, sales process and organisational sales capability.

During the discussion Marc shared his insights and experiences in selling within consulting, the challenges owners often find when trying to improve your firm’s sales capability, and the impact of a strong sales machine if/when you choose to sell your business.

The full recording of their discussion is available on SBR’s website.

If you’d like to dip into a few highlights, here are four short clips from the webinar.

  1. 8min 11sec (4mins) – The key steps to enhancing your consulting business’s value proposition:
    • look from the outside in
    • think like an entrepreneur
    • focus on the outputs.
  2. 13min 12sec (3mins) – What to focus on next to keep driving growth in your consulting business:
    • it’s all about the pitch – but don’t pitch before you’ve had the right conversations
    • ask the right questions to connect your solution with their issue or pain.
  3. 17min 15sec (1.5mins) – Why documenting your sales process is fundamental to scalability.
  4. 37min 17sec (1min) – The key blocker to implementing a successful referral strategy.

We are running a series of events to help consulting business owners to boost their sales pipeline. Non-members of our network can join one event as a free taster. Click the button below to register.

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Written by

Ali El Moghraby

Head of Marketing

The Consultancy Growth Network