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Rapid international growth doubles revenue in two years at Total Negotiation 

Members of The Consultancy Growth Network since 2021, Total Negotiation, a commercial transformation consultancy has seen its revenue more than double in the last two years from 2022 and built a network of local experts working in over 85 countries. 

Mark Grice explains where The Consultancy Growth Network came in.  

“The Consultancy Growth Network has provided some great input and perspective during the last three years which has helped us focus on key elements. 

When you set up your own consultancy, you start with a blank piece of paper, so we designed a framework, created a comprehensive set of tools and chose a name. As we started to grow, we experienced a positive rollercoaster. We rapidly entered the global stage and that brought many challenges with languages, skills required and complex marketplaces”. 

Mark goes on to explain the difference The Consultancy Growth Network has made, “The data and insights from the annual BenchPress report stand out for us as being invaluable to our business and we’ve used it in several ways: 

  • Total Business Selling Culture – We are now getting everyone, especially the senior team involved in selling. Putting the passion and the understanding in front of clients. This enabled us to win a global consultancy project worth over £0.4m   
  • Referrals – this push has helped us penetrate deeper into several clients including turning a Canadian client into a broader North American engagement with increased revenues. 

Being part of The Consultancy Growth Network has also opened access to strategic partners that we couldn’t have achieved alone, including: 

  • Meeting the amazing guys from CMap who we have closely partnered with to transform our end-to-end reporting   
  • TGO and Matt Hodkinson have provided marketing support. Matt really gets the unusual nature of our type of service and has helped us increase our LinkedIn followers 
  • New Minds, a specialist recruitment consultancy helped us to source and recruit a marketing manager.” 

Total Negotiation remain at the forefront of capability development. They are now looking to grow through their learnings, discussing with other consultancies in The Consultancy Growth Network how to bring in more AI and digital learning capability to accelerate and increase bespoke support.   

Benefits delivered by The Consultancy Growth Network 

  • A network of strategic partners and specialist providers enabled outstanding support from technology and marketing to recruitment 
  • Data and insight from the annual BenchPress report enabled the introduction of a new approach to selling, winning a global consultancy project worth over £400,000, plus a push on referrals delivered increased revenue
  • Rapid growth supported by insights and resources accessible 24/7 via the Network’s exclusive Growth Hub 
  • Opportunities to join forces with member consultancies with complementary expertise gives Total Negotiation the edge on their competitors. 

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Written by

Amy Rashbrooke

The Consultancy Growth Network